Mr. Mercedes (EXITOS)

Mr. Mercedes (EXITOS) - STEPHEN KING, CARLOS; MILLA SOLER Review en español en mi blog: Click Aquí

A psychopath driving a Mercedes runs into a crowd killing eight people and leaving several injured. Inspector Bill Hodges retires without solving the case and lives a very monotonous and sad life until the Mercedes killer contacts him and gives him a purpose to continue living.

This book really disappointed me, the idea was very good but the characters were awful stereotypes of other mystery/crime stories:

- Hodges: he is a walking retired cop-contemplating-suicide cliché, it's the first time I sincerely hate a protagonist written by King.
- Jerome: a brilliant student who helps Hodges solving the crime (like in every bad mystery series).
- Holly: a woman who is like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, she has great knowledge of technology and computers. She was the most likeable character of this awful trio but still, she's a very weak character in my opinion.

What I enjoyed the most of this book were the chapters told from the point of view of Brady Hartsfield (the Mercedes Killer), they clearly reflect how insane he really is and all the awful things he plans to do. He had a lot of potential as a villain but he ended up being really lame.

Although I hated the characters the book is very well written and it's a fast read, I read the last hundred pages extremely fast but the ending disappointed me. This is only my opinion, I know many people will enjoy this book but it's certainly one of my least favourite King books and far from the best he ever wrote.
Fortunately Finders Keepers is a lot better than this one.