Desperation [ACE]

Desperation - Stephen King Desperation is the name of the Nevada mining town where the main characters become stranded and what I felt while I read this book,the first few chapters are insane!.
Without giving away most of the plot,it's a story about the battle between good and evil in a ghost town where something went terribly wrong.
One thing that I really liked was that we get to know what happened to Cynthia after the events of [b:Rose Madder|10619|Rose Madder|Stephen King||833191] (another great novel by the way),finding this kind of connections is what I enjoy the most about Stephen King works.

Another recommendation is to read [b:The Regulators|10596|The Regulators|Richard Bachman||955346] after finishing this one,it has the same characters but it takes place in an alternate reality.