Finders Keepers

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3.5 Stars: Mr. Mercedes really disappointed me and I hadn't much expectations with this book, but it's written by Stephen King and I read it no matter what. That being said I really enjoyed this novel, probably because Bill Hodges and his friends (characters that I really hated from the last book) doesn't appear until 150 or so pages into the story and the main characters are Morris Bellamy (the criminal of this book) and Pete Saubers (a young boy who unfortunately cross Bellamy's way).

The villain of this book was a lot better than Brady in Mr. Mercedes, he is like a tuned down Annie Wilkes (the psychopath from Misery) since he becomes obsessed with a fictional character from a famous book. Even though he isn't as good as Annie, I really enjoyed his chapters and background story.

I still hate Hodges and Jerome but Holly shows a bit of character development on this one, she was my favourite of this trio, still all of them are far from my favourite characters.

As for the ending, it was great in my opinion and I can't wait to see how this trilogy will end. It introduces a supernatural element that I thought it was great and it's a great nod to other King books (click on the spoiler tag only if you already read this book, you've been warned):

Brady start developing psychic powers similar to Carrie's and Danny Torrance and he gets them thanks to a brain injury (like Johnny Smith from The Dead Zone).
Also he is in hospital room 217 which is a reference to the sinister room 217 of the Overlook Hotel.

This is far from the best of King's works (or at least from my favourite books) but it's a nice and entertaining novel. I really look forward to see how this story will end.