The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth - Dorian Zari The author mailed me the ebook version in exchange for an honest review so here it is!:

The premise of this book seemed really original to me:four people with enhanced senses are being chased by a monster for unknown reasons. The story is fast paced,it's told through short chapters from the points of view of the different characters;the way the characters interact with their "powers" (and what they do to live with them without going crazy) is very well written. Another strong point of the book was the villain called "The Guardian": a monster disguised as a teenager with round glasses that can kill anyone he wants with a simple snap of his fingers.

The only negative aspect that I found on this novel is that the start is a little chaotic:it kept shifting between points of view,but once you get to know the characters it becomes a very entertaining read.