Gardens of the Moon

Gardens of the Moon - Steven Erikson Repaso general de toda la saga en mi blog: Click aquí

Gardens of the Moon is the first book of a massive and really ambitious epic fantasy series created by Steven Erikson and Ian C. Esslemont. If you're going to start reading this series be warned that it's not an easy read, but if you endure you're rewarded with an excellent epic fantasy story.

My advice to new readers of the series is: don't try to understand everything that's going on early, just continue reading because it all makes sense later on the story or in other books of the series. This is the reason why many people don't like these books: Erikson begins every story without a previous explanation, directly into action.

If you make it through the first half of the book, you start enjoying this story: the lore is amazing and really original. In the Malaz universe you won't find your typical fantasy creatures such as elves and dwarfs but we get to know ancestral races, gods and demigods (called ascendants) that fight each other. Many main characters belong to this ancestral races and through their point of view we get to know the history of Malaz since many of them are really old.

Another strong point is the magic system: it's organized in Warrens that wizards exploit in order to use their spells. But they are more complex than that because they are some kind of "parallel universes" that can be used to travel but also can be destroyed and destroy the magic user with them.
Although the magic is really important in this series, it isn't overused and the system is balanced.

So despite it complexity I totally recommend this series to epic fantasy fans, through all the books we live all kind of moments: some really sad, awesome battles between ancestral powers and humans, some really funny moments since many characters are hilarious and amazing plot twists until the end of the series.
I know it's not a series that everyone will enjoy but if you endure you're rewarded with an amazing saga, I had a great time reading these books.

This was a general approach of the series, I hope to re read all the books again in order to review each one correctly since its impossible to remember every detail.