The Running Man

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*Movie Trailer Voice* In the year 2025 the world economy has collapsed. Lots of unemployed people live in misery and their only hope of getting money is participating on extremely violent reality shows like The Crocodile Bath or The Gun Race. Ben Richards's daughter is sick an in desperate need of medication, his only hope of saving his little girl's life is to participate on a show that nobody has survived. Chuck Norris Ben Richards is: The Running Man.

This was the third book Stephen King published using the pseudonym of Richard Bachman and as he express in [b:On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft|10569|On Writing A Memoir of the Craft|Stephen King||150292], it only took a week to write it. This doesn't mean its a bad book actually, I think that it is tied with The Long Walk as his best book written as Bachman, it's an extremely fast paced thriller impossible to put down.
A great aspect of this book is that each chapter begins with a countdown so you spend the whole book trying to figure out what it means.

What I enjoyed the most was the setting of this book, King created a perfect ruined future where misery prevails, drugs are legally sold on the streets and television numbs the minds of everyone (kind of like today) in order to prevent any revolutionary act. Richards character was awesome, he shows a lot of resources and start unveiling some dark secrets about the sinister society he lives in, the way we get to know those secrets is awesome because it doesn't interrupt the flow of the story at all.

So all in all I think that this is a good (not excellent) book. It's fast paced and a very entertaining read that will keep you on the edge of your seat once the show begins because all odds are against the main character. To me it's one of the best Bachman books, totally recommended.