Night of Knives

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Night of the Knives is the first book written by Esslemont and the first instalment in the Malaz Empire story arc. I read many reviews claiming that Esslemont isn't a good writer and many trashing his series but after finishing this book I can say that these critics are exaggerated, sure his writing is more direct and less elaborate than Erikson's but this isn't by all means a bad thing.

I think that the reason why many people hate this book is because they read it without finishing the ten book series by Steven Erikson. Although the events of Night of the Knives take place years before Gardens of the Moon (first book by Erikson) I strongly recommend reading this one after finishing the Malaz Book of the Fallen saga since many events that are told in Night of the Knives answer some mysteries mentioned briefly on Erikson books (the death of Dassem Ultor, the identity of Edgewalker and how Ammanas reclaimed the throne of shadow were some of the most notorious revelations).
Another reason for reading this after the Malaz Book of the Fallen is because Esslemont doesn't takes time to explain how the warrens (magic system of this universe) work or the importance of the house of shadow and some other characters mentioned through the book; so basically I think that I wouldn't had understood sh*t if I wasn't familiar with the malazan universe.

That being said I thought it was a good book all around. The story is told from the point of view of Temper (a military veteran close friend of the Imperial First Sword) and Kiska (a thief with a knack for magic), which were great even though they weren't as charismatic as other main characters of this epic series. I didn't find the plot to be as confusing as other books in the series and it was pretty much straight forward but I insist that you have to read all the Book of the Fallen to appreciate it completely: it was awesome to figure out some mysteries and the return of some of the characters was nice.
My only "critic" is that it was a very short book if you compare it to the others of this saga so it felt like an introduction to this new story arc and new characters instead of a complete book.

The malaz books are awesome and I can't recommend them enough. Sure it isn't a series that everyone will enjoy because it is really complex but it was one of the most rewarding reading experiences I had. While Esslemont writing isn't as superb as Erikson's, he did a good job and it was nice to revisit this wonderful universe, can't wait to continue this wonderful saga.

I'll say this again: read the Esslemont books after finishing the main saga and don't follow the reading orders that some fans post online. These books are meant to be read them in publication order, you'll be extremely confused if you follow the chronological order on your first read and you'll probably won't understand anything.