The Deep

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Another disturbing horror novel by Cutter. On this one a mysterious disease called "The 'Gets" is wiping out all humans: people start forgetting trivial things like where the keys are or paying the bills but as the disease progress they forget more important things like eating or how to breathe.
Luke Nelson, the protagonist, is called to an underwater facility where his brother is studying an strange substance called Ambrosia, which seems to be the cure to every ailment.

Cutter setted the bar really high with [b:The Troop|17571466|The Troop|Nick Cutter||24510359] so I had great expectations about this one, it didn't disappoint me this is as scary as his first book. The fear on this book is more psychological at first but towards the end it becomes really disturbing and I couldn't stop reading.
Luke is a great character, he is haunted by a terrible past that we discover as the story develops. Plus the underwater facility is a great setting for this story, it really makes you feel trapped.

I totally recommend this book and [b:The Troop|17571466|The Troop|Nick Cutter||24510359] to horror fans,they are both really disturbing and the most frightening horror novels that I've read lately.Be warned that they're both really gory, so if you don't like that kind of stories you'll probably wont enjoy them.