Monstrous Regiment: The Play

Monstrous Regiment: The Play - Stephen Briggs, Terry Pratchet Regimiento Monstruoso reseña en español ---> Click aquí

Another excellent and hilarious book by Terry Pratchett, every book I read is better than the last one. This one takes place at Borogravia an insane nation ruled by an insane God called Nuggan, who keeps dictating what he calls Abominations.
The abominations are ridiculous like: the colour blue, garlic, chocolate, that women know how to write and read.
In middle of this insanity Polly will try to join the army dressing like a man (an abomination against Nuggan) to find her brother Paul. In order to do it she will have to learn to walk like a man, swear, fart and a lot of manly things.

This book was really entertaining, the other characters from the regiment are extremely funny, there's a vampire addicted to coffee that is trying to stop drinking blood, for example. Behind all jokes lays a great message: that women many times are better than men doing certain tasks that are considered "for men",that's one of the things that I enjoy the most of Pratchett books: he parodies the reality in a very clever and fun way using awesome characters.
Recommended for every fan of fantasy and comedy, you should read [b:The Fifth Elephant|63720|The Fifth Elephant (Discworld, #24; City Watch #5)|Terry Pratchett||819126] first though or you will miss some of the jokes.