The Store

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"The Store wants you
Ask not what The Store can do for you
but what can you do for The Store"

The Store is a creepy horror novel about a mysterious supermarket chain that is installed in the small town of Juniper, Arizona. It seems to have any product the customer may need: from groceries to more obscure things like voodoo dolls, illegal firecrackers and extremely violent video games. Bill Davis, the protagonist, feels that something is wrong and will witness how The Store slowly takes over his peaceful town endangering his family and friends.

I really enjoyed this book, having read other Bentley Little's novels you can see that they follow a similar pattern: a small town is perverted by some sinister force in a very f*cked up way. It didn't really scare me but it has a B horror movie kind of style that I really liked and kept me entertained until the end.

The premise of The Store may sound like a [b:Needful Things|107291|Needful Things|Stephen King||1812101] rip-off but it's really original on its own and, in my opinion, more disturbing since it's a large supermarket chain that plans to expand all over the country.
It would be unfair to compare both novels since they handle the same concept in a very different way and they are both good books.

So if you're looking for an entertaining horror novel this one and other of Bentley Little's books are ideal for you. Sadly he isn't as known as other best seller authors but he is a master at perverting mundane things and making them scary, so if you like that kind of apocalyptic stories I suggest that you try some of his novels.