The Martian

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3.5 stars: This was a good book and I really enjoyed it for the most part. The research made by the author is great, the whole book is full of scientific data, maths, engineering and chemistry that gives the feeling of reading the log of a real astronaut. Even though there's a lot of this data the main character explains everything in a funny way so anyone can understand.
But on the other hand the large amount of scientific data overwhelmed me, when I reached the half of the book I had a hard time continuing the story.

I understand why people loved this book, the main character is awesome and very funny through all the book, the way he resolves some of the problems and how he manages to survive in Mars is great.
As I said earlier when I reached the half the book became a little dull, luckily the last chapters and the ending were really good.

Despite those chapters when the scientific stuff made the story really slow for me, I totally recommend this book. I think it's a really good novel but I didn't love it as everyone else did