The Exorcist

The Exorcist - William Peter Blatty Lectura conjunta del grupo Letras Macabras Reseña en español: Click aquí

4.5 stars: This book was hard for me to rate because I saw the movie a lot of times, so I already knew how it would end and some of the most disturbing scenes on the book didn't shock me as they were supposed to.

But despite these inconveniences it was an awesome book, it's incredibly well written and the prose is really engaging. The whole book is about the battle between good and evil, every character struggles with his personal demons and Blatty does a great job portraying those conflicts, specially father Karras and his problems with faith caused by the death of his mother.

I totally recommend this book to any horror fan, too bad I didn't read this before seeing the movie because it's a great book. I don't rate it with five stars because it didn't scare me and that's something I always expect in a horror novel but it's a classic and a great read, totally worth it.