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Since I joined Goodreads, I read in every fantasy group that Sanderson is one of the best contemporary fantasy authors. I cannot assure this statement is true since I've only read Elantris, but I loved this book.

Everything in this story is excellent: characters, world, magic system and plot. It was really original and got me hooked since page one.
Although I have to admit that some parts are a little confusing because it uses some terms from the lore of this universe that we get to know as the story develops, but when they are mentioned at the beginning it can be hard to follow or understand (at least it was confusing for me).

Most reviews say that this is Sanderson's weakest book (which is logical since it was his first), if this is true his other books have to be superb because I loved Elantris and I totally recommend it to fantasy fans. This was my first Sanderson book and supposed a great introduction to his work, I'll definitely continue reading his other books.