The Iron King

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The Iron King is the first book of a series that George R.R Martin calls "the original Game of Thrones".

The book describes the reign of Philip IV of France from the fall of the Templar Order until the day of his death. Philip is accursed by the last Templar Grand Master who condemns the king to thirteen generations of suffering, unleashing a tragic series of events that will torn apart Philip's family and France.

It was a really entertaining read and there are some scenes in which you can appreciate how this book could inspire A song of Ice and Fire, however they are different types of books.

The Iron King is written like a history book: there are a lot of footnotes that provide information about historical figures that appear on the story, the political situation of the countries where the action take place and some translations.
I think that's the stronger point of this book and what I enjoyed most, you learn interesting facts about the middle ages in a very entertaining way.

I didn't give five stars to this book because it was rather predictable. The narrator knows and describes every character motivations and plans so the plot twists didn't surprised me, although they were great and got me hooked.
Another drawback that I can point out is that the first half was kind of slow for me: there are a lot of conspiracies and secrets that finally unravel on the second half of the book.
Another problem was that I had a hard time identifying each character at first.

Despite this negative points it was a great read but don't expect it to be A song of Ice and Fire clone. The Iron King focuses on conspiracies and plotting instead of epic battles but it isn't boring at all, it's a page turner that will keep you reading until the end, specially the second half of the book.