Jurassic Park

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I loved the Jurassic Park movie as a child but I didn't know it was based on a novel until I searched it on Goodreads. Needless to say that the book was better: a lot of awesome scenes weren't adapted to the film (or recycled and used later on Jurassic Park III) and the secondary characters have important roles on the story, unlike the movie where their only purpose is to be eaten by the dinosaurs.

Another strong point of this novel was the amount of research made by the author: we find a lot of information about the behavior of dinosaurs as well as genetic engineering and computer coding. Of course that Crichton takes some creative licences (like the existence of poison spitting dinosaurs, for example) but these didn't bother me at all.
The main characters are really different from their film counterparts as well: Ian Malcolm was far more interesting than in the movie (because I hate Jeff Goldblum), the children have more importance in the story and Hammond (the park owner) is madder than in the movie, he was an asshole actually.

The ending is different from the one shown in the movie too and it was excellent in my opinion because it resumed the idea of the whole novel, I was pleasantly surprised by it and made me want to read the sequel as soon as possible.

So if you loved the Jurassic Park film and even if you hated it, I totally recommend this book. It's more complex than the movie adaptation and superior in all aspects.

“You know, at times like this one feels, well, perhaps extinct animals should be left extinct.”