Different Seasons

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Different Seasons is a collection of four stories by Stephen King and in my opinion, it's his best collection of novellas to date. Three of these stories have cinematic adaptations so many people may already know them.

The four novellas are very different from each other and explore different subjects: in Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank redemption the main theme is hope, in Apt Pupil the corruption of a young boy, in The Body the lost of innocence and in Breathing Method the horror.

I wont review each novella, I'll only say that they are wonderful stories totally worth reading even if you've already seen the movies and if you're a hardcore Stephen King fan you'll notice the references and connections to other books by this author.
For example The Body is the start of what fans have called "The Castle Rock Cycle" since it introduces some characters that appear on later novels setted on that cursed town created by king; it's not mandatory to read the Castle Rock novels in order to fully appreciate them but it's great to find out the references (at least I really enjoy it).