Colorado Kid

Colorado Kid - Marie de Prémonville, Stephen King Reseña en español: Click Aquí

This is a book that divides opinions, some people think that it's great and others that it sucks.
It isn't your typical mystery story since there are few certainties, the characters that tell the tale of this crime gives mostly speculations about what might have happened and we don't get a complete solution of the murder. The reason for this is that this book isn't about the crime (which might sound weird given the fact that this is a mystery book), it's about the nature of the mystery itself and all it implications.

While I think this is a clever take on the mystery genre, I didn't find it interesting. The story was boring, the characters and the crime were dull and kept me yawning for the most part of the book, the only redeeming factor of this book was the last paragraph that sum up the idea of the whole story and it was beautifully written.
The message of this book is more important than the crime actually but instead of blowing my mind it bored me to death, still it's a Stephen King book and I'll had to read it at some point.

King has written way better books than this one. Some people might find this book interesting but it didn't work for me, it was really boring but it's a really short book so you hardly lose time reading it and maybe you'll find something good, something I clearly missed.
If you are looking for a good mystery book by this author I recommend reading [b:Joyland|13596166|Joyland|Stephen King||19185026] instead of this one or if you're planning to read all his books I would leave this one last.