Frankenstein - Mary Shelley, Maurice Hindle Reseña en español en el blog: Click Aquí

There isn't much I can say about this book that hasn't already been said. I think that it is an outstanding book that transcended time because of the subject treated through the whole book: the dangers of using science inappropriately.

What really shocked me is how much the different movie adaptations have butchered this book and the characters. Doctor Frankenstein is far more complex than the mad scientist shown in the pictures and the creature isn't nearly as dumb or whiny as its film counterpart, sure he suffers because he is an abomination but he's also very sinister and scary (also there's no Igor helping the doctor but I wouldn't complain if there was a Terry Pratchett's Igor).

As for the writing it is superb. I had a hard time reading Dracula because the story was told through diaries of the main characters and that was very dull at times, Frankenstein uses a similar style at the beginning with letters but the rest of the story is mostly carried on by the tale of Frankenstein and the creature. I found it really engaging and easy to follow, even though it uses some archaic language at times it has some really beautiful fragments.

I strongly recommend this book, it's a classic that everyone should try at some point because it's way better than the version the "pop culture" has of the monster and the story. Also this was my first audiobook and I enjoyed it immensely I'll definitely...listen? more books in this format in the future.