The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic  - Terry Pratchett La Luz Fantástica reseña en español en mi blog: Click Aquí

This book continues the hilarious adventures of Rincewind and Twoflowers right where The Colour of Magic ended. If you thought that Rincewind's luck couldn't be worse your'e wrong: this time he will have to save the world using the only spell that he was able to learn (actually the spell invaded his mind and now is trying to drive him crazy) and his only companions are Twoflowers and his vicious Luggage. The only problem is that Rincewind is falling off the edge of the world...
In this story they will face many challenges like a mad cult of fanatics, bandits, trolls and the terrible monsters from the Dungeon Dimensions.

This book was in my opinion even funnier than The Colour of Magic, Rincewind and Twoflowers are great characters and they meet a lot of amazing creatures in their adventures. My favourite on this one was Cohen the Barbarian, the arthritic version of Conan: a toothless 87 year old man that is a living legend and still is a fierce warrior (even though he suffers from terrible pain in his back).

I love Discworld so I can't give an objective opinion of these books, they are really fantastic and I always have a great time reading them. As Neil Gaiman says: "any Pratchett book is a small miracle" and I always love to visit this awesome multiverse.
Of course that I totally recommend this book and every Discworld novel, but you should read [b:The Colour of Magic|601238|The Colour of Magic (Discworld, #1)|Terry Pratchett||194190] first.

“Inside every sane person there's a madman struggling to get out," said the shopkeeper. "That's what I've always thought. No one goes mad quicker than a totally sane person.”