The Long Walk

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A great and brutal novel written by Stephen King's dark half. This story is setted in a future where a TV show called "The Long Walk" is the main attraction: a show where 100 teenage boys have to walk endlessly until only one left standing, if they break the rules they get three warnings and then they're a rather violent way.

This story is written in a way that makes you feel you're part of The Long Walk,it's told through the point of view of Ray Garraty a 16 year old boy that doesn't really knows why he is participating.
The book is really straight forward,the only thing that matters is the walk there's not much background information about the world or anything else.
It always amaze me how well written Stephen King's characters are: every boy has a great story and you get to know some of them really well and sympathise with them.

To sum up: it's a really heart-breaking and brutal story full of shocking moments and a very quick read. Be warned that it's really violent as most of Richard Bachman's books.

“They walked through the rainy dark like gaunt ghosts, and Garraty didn't like to look at them. They were the walking dead.”