Rosemary's Baby

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Rosemary's baby is considered a classic of horror literature but the truth is I've never heard of it until Goodreads recommended it to me (yeah I know, shame on me). I read many positive reviews both for the book and the movie so I had high expectations about it, sadly it was sort of a disappointment.

Don't get me wrong the book is very well written and it was enjoyable most of the time, there are a lot of dialogues that carry on the story perfectly and I always wanted to know what would happen next. Also the story becomes more sinister and darker as the book progress but unfortunately it was predictable and very similar to other books about satanic rituals that I don't like.
I'm not a religious person so I don't get offended by satanism but I find these stories repetitive and boring, maybe I'm missing something because a lot of people seem to love this book.

I think that the most disturbing aspect of this book is that it perverts the joy of having a child, something that's supposed to be one of the happiest things a person can experience. I found that the process of Rosemary's pregnancy was really creepy and Levin really nailed it when it came to describe the suffering of our main character as the months went by.

Anyway this was an interesting book that becomes more sinister as you keep turning pages. Sadly, it wasn't the kind of horror story that I enjoy but I think that many horror fans will find it appealing.