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Spoiler free review: This was a great book, it's certainly better than the first one and an extremely fast read. I can't say much without spoiling the first book, other than I totally recommend reading this trilogy the ending of this one made me pick up the third book immediately.

You can check out my review of Pines if you want to know more about this trilogy, if you enjoy good thrillers with a little surrealism you should read these books, they're awesome and impossible to put down. Don't continue reading this review if you haven't read the first book since the following is a proper review of this book with spoilers of the previous one that ruin the entire story if you know them, you've been warned:

Wayward is book #2 of this wonderful trilogy turned into a TV mini series. This story takes place two weeks after the events of the first book, Ethan is struggling to accept his role as Sheriff of the last town on Earth and to get along with his wife since they're under constant surveillance by Pilcher, the mad scientist responsible of the creation of Wayward Pines.

In my opinion, this story was better than the first one because we already know from the get go what we're dealing with, the ending of the last book was really surreal and left me wondering how Ethan will deal with this desperate situation: a town under constant vigilance, where nobody knows that they are surrounded by monsters.
The book shift between past (before everybody enters in suspension) and the present and it isn't only about Ethan: we get some chapters from the point of view of Pam (the psychotic nurse) and Pilcher. I always enjoy reading chapters with villains points of view because you get to know them better and appreciate how mad they really are.
Also we get short chapters with the point of view of a mysterious character called Tobias, that is on a mission beyond the fence. These chapters tells a story about survival in the wild, surrounded by the aberrations and are really intriguing.

The ending was amazing, it was a lot better than the first one in my opinion and made me start reading the third one immediately and trust me, you'll want to know how this will end.