Off Season: The Unexpurgated Edition

Off Season: The Unexpurgated Edition - Jack Ketchum Review en español: Click aquí

I had to take a break after finishing this book, it was really intense. It's probably one of the most gory, violent and insane horror books I ever read.

This is a story about how a group of friends is attacked by a family of insane cannibals, so you can expect a lot of disturbing scenes on this book. Even though I have read other splatterpunk books I have to say that some scenes of this novel really disgusted me but at the same time I couldn't put it down.

If you like extreme horror books go for it, in my opinion it was a great book I didn't rate it with five stars because the start was a little slow.

I wouldn't recommend to read this if you are not okay with gore and violence, this book contains a lot of it and can be disgusting. If you are a hardcore horror fan you should try it, this book will put your stomach to the test (seriously don't read this after dinner).