Shovel Ready

Shovel Ready - Adam Sternbergh Reseña en español: Click Aquí

4.5 stars: Shovel ready tells the story of Spademan, a mysterious garbage man turned into a ruthless hit-man that kills anyone without questioning, his only limits are children. The book is setted in a destroyed New York city where rich people prefer to be connected to computers that provide a reality of their own creation instead of living in the real world.

I think that this book is great, it was really fast paced, Spademan's character and the whole setting were awesome and it has some plot twists that are really good. The story is told from Spademan's point of view but it's written in a very different way: we never actually "hear" the voices of other characters; after reading the book I can say that's a great way to tell the story but I didn't like it at first.

Be warned that this book handles strong topics such as rape, murder, corruption and it has a lot of violent scenes.

So if you are looking for a quick read this book is ideal for you, it is not another of those "dystopian" (I hate that word -.-) books that are so popular, maybe the way that's written can be weird at first but it's really original and very different from other post apocalyptic books I've read.

“No matter what you have, or how lucky you think you are, there’s nothing in this world you can hold on to so tightly that it can’t be taken from you.”