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I expected an entertaining book with cool intergalactic battles and I got this instead:


The only difference is that Deadpool is fun.
This book was terrible and one of the worst I've read this year. I wasn't expecting a deep or complex story, just wanted an entertaining book and since I really enjoyed Ready Player One I decided to give this one a try.

This second book by Cline has many limitations, maybe the most notorious are the awkward, silly and out of place references to the pop culture. While in his previous book those references were important because they were significant to the plot in Armada they are everywhere for no reason. I love Star Wars but Zack (the main character) mentions it constantly in a way that was funny at first but begins to get annoying as the story develops and many of the references made me sick for example: when he says that he feels like Luke Skywalker battling the Death Star or when he says that he feels like captain Kirk on board of the enterprise and worst of all, when his spider sense tingles (come on man e_e).
Those are some examples, now imagine a whole book told that way with those silly references in every single chapter; that's Armada.

The characters were completely annoying too and I didn't feel sympathy for any of them. Aside from Zack, none is properly developed and many of them are stereotypes: you have the good girl, the intelligent girl, the war veteran that's like Chuck Norris and the mandatory asian guy.
Also Zack is very similar to Wade (the main character of Ready Player One), Cline seems to write his main characters as projections of his nerd fantasies instead of trying to create something original.

As I said before, the premise of the book didn't seem complex or deep so I wasn't expecting a profound book, but the book is full of clichés and some really stupid plot twist that didn't make sense.
Let's be honest, Ready Player One had flaws and silly moments too but I forgave them because the book was original and had nostalgic value.

The audiobook version was great, Will Wheaton does an outstanding job again narrating the story and some of the voices he makes along the book were great (especially his master Yoda imitation). I would have rated it with one star if it wasn't for Wheaton's narration.

So my advice is: don't read this book expecting it to have the same nostalgic value as Ready Player One or you will be terribly disappointed. The references were annoying instead of fun and many twists were really stupid to me.

Straight to my Kill it with fire shelf