The Hero of Ages

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I won't write a review for this one, it's really hard for me to express how much I loved this book and anything I'd write won't do justice to this amazing story.

I'll insist in recommending this trilogy to everyone, especially for people who want to start reading epic fantasy. This trilogy can be a great introduction to the genre because it start really simple, with clear rules about the magic system and it doesn't overwhelm the reader with information about the world and it's lore; the best of this trilogy in my opinion is that each book progressively develops and explains different aspects from the world created by Sanderson in a fantastic way, very easy to understand.

As for this book I'll only say that I it was the perfect ending for this trilogy and everything that was left to be solved was explained very clearly. The epilogue has to be one of the most amazing and beautifully written things that I've ever read, I can't wait to get my hands on the next Mistborn trilogy that take place hundreds of years after this one.

Definitely one of my all time favourite books and I totally recommend it to anyone. I loved every single page of this trilogy.