Hogfather (Discworld, #20)

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In this hilarious book we get to know Discworld's version of Christmas and as everything in this bizarre universe, it's hilarious. For some mysterious reason (that involves a sinister assassin called Mr. Teatime) the Hog Father is missing, so the children wont receive their presents. Luckily for them, Death will take the role of the big jolly fat man and with the help of his grumpy servant, he will travel the Discworld doing Hog Father's work.

My opinion really doesn't matter because I love every single Discworld book. Each of these novels is magical, witty and an extremely clever satire of our everyday life and I always have a great time reading them.
This book can be read as a standalone (as almost every Discworld novel) but I recommend reading the previous books in the Death series, not only because they are awesome but because in those we get to know some characters better, especially the relationship between Death an her grand daughter.