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Deadpool, Vol. 2: Soul Hunter

Deadpool, Vol. 2: Soul Hunter - Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, Mike Hawthorne, Scott Koblish, Art Adams

"Doing the right thing is my Kryptonite"

Another insanely fun collection of Deadpool comics. It wasn't as funny as the first volume in which the merc with a mouth kicks the asses of the undead USA presidents but it was hilarious still.
On this volume you'll find:

-Deadpool helping a minion of Mephisto
-Deadpool helping Tony Stark with his drinking problem
-Crazy team-ups with Daredevil and Spider Man
-A Mexican version of Cable from the future who wants to stop Señor Siniestro

So yeah, go and read it if you want to have some fun :D

Perfect State

Perfect State - Brandon Sanderson Breve reseña en español en el blog: Click Aquí

"On the three-hundreth anniversary of my birth, I finally managed to conquer the world. The entire world. It had made for a rather memorable birthday present (...) The next fifty years had put me at risk of boredom. After all, what did a man possibly do with his time after conquering the world?"

An outstanding novella in which Sanderson mixes fantasy and science fiction. I was looking for a quick and entertaining read so I picked this up on my Kindle and, as everything that Sanderson writes, it was excellent and really surprised me.

If you're looking for a quick read and you are a fan of Sanderson I totally recommend it. It's only 70 pages long and it has some wonderful twists that I didn't see coming; my only problem with this story was that I wanted more!

The Sandman, Vol. 2: The Doll's House (The Sandman #2)

The Sandman, Vol. 2: The Doll's House (The Sandman #2) - Neil Gaiman, Malcolm Jones III, Chris Bachalo, Mike Dringenberg Repaso de todos los volúmenes en esta entrada

Much better than the first one and that's saying A LOT! (review soon)

The Song of Achilles (Audio)

The Song of Achilles (Audio) - Frazer Douglas, Madeline Miller Reseña en español de [b:La canción de Aquiles|15709854|La canción de Aquiles|Madeline Miller|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1339949049s/15709854.jpg|16176791]: Click Aquí

3.5 Stars: A nice retelling of the myth of Achilles from the point of view of Patroclus. The writing style is simple and very easy to follow, I loved how the author managed to include gods and other mythological creatures without being tedious and without slowing the pace of the story.

The only drawback I found on this book was that the first half reads like a romantic novel which isn't the kind of book that I enjoy reading because I'm a heartless bastard. Leaving that aside, the second half and the last chapters were really good reaching a great ending, which you may already know if you've read The Iliad but the way Miller wrote it was very beautiful.

I totally recommend this book if you're interested in reading a different take on the War of Troy and if you enjoy Greek mythology. This book will show you a deeper version of Achilles, leaving aside his godlike abilities and focusing on his human side. Be warned that the first half of the book has a lot of romance and can be a little dull if you're not into romantic novels.

The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes & Nocturnes (New Edition)

The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes, Vol. #1 - Neil Gaiman, Mike Dringenberg Repaso de todos los volúmenes en esta entrada.

4.5 Stars: This was my first time reading a story by Neil Gaiman and it really impressed me. I didn't understand what the f*ck I was reading at first I'm dumb, I know but once I got used to the surreal style of the artwork I couldn't put it down, the idea is really original and the way Gaiman wrote the main character was outstanding, I loved how he managed to write about the personification of dream and it's powers.

The story is weird but in a good way, I felt that it picked up towards the end and from Gaiman's afterwords you can tell that the epilogue is closer to what he wanted to write at first, so I'm really looking forward to see how he develops this story.
I totally recommend this graphic novel, especially if you're looking for an original and interesting story.

Hogfather (Discworld, #20)

Hogfather (Discworld, #20) - Terry Pratchett Reseña en español de [b:Papa Puerco|4158527|Papa Puerco (Discworld, #20)|Terry Pratchett|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1404399350s/4158527.jpg|583655]: Click Aquí
Mis otras reseñas de Mundodisco en este enlace

In this hilarious book we get to know Discworld's version of Christmas and as everything in this bizarre universe, it's hilarious. For some mysterious reason (that involves a sinister assassin called Mr. Teatime) the Hog Father is missing, so the children wont receive their presents. Luckily for them, Death will take the role of the big jolly fat man and with the help of his grumpy servant, he will travel the Discworld doing Hog Father's work.

My opinion really doesn't matter because I love every single Discworld book. Each of these novels is magical, witty and an extremely clever satire of our everyday life and I always have a great time reading them.
This book can be read as a standalone (as almost every Discworld novel) but I recommend reading the previous books in the Death series, not only because they are awesome but because in those we get to know some characters better, especially the relationship between Death an her grand daughter.

La Sombra del Viento

La Sombra del Viento - Carlos Ruiz Zafón "- Pues bien, esta es una historia de libros.
- ¿De libros?
- De libros malditos, del hombre que los escribió, de un personaje que se escapó de las páginas de una novela para quemarla, de una traición y de una amistad perdida. Es una historia de amor, de odio y de los sueños que viven en la sombra del viento."

¿Hace falta agregar algo más?

¡Que buen libro! me mantuvo enganchado desde la primer página y quedé encantado por la forma de escribir de Ruiz Zafón. Puedes leer mi pésima reseña en el siguiente enlace: http://rincondellectorconstante.blogspot.com.uy/2015/09/la-sombra-del-viento-el-cementerio-de.html

The Analyst

The Analyst - John Katzenbach Reseña en español de [b:El psicoanalista|49392|El psicoanalista|John Katzenbach|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1389831060s/49392.jpg|1663237] en el blog: Click aquí

This was the first Katzenbach book I read and it was really good. I never heard of this author prior reading this novel but it was a birthday present and the premise looked really interesting: a psychopath who calls himself Rumpelstiltskin, threats doctor Frederick Starks saying that he has to figure out his identity in 15 days or he will kill somebody from the doctor's family. The only way to stop Rumpelstiltskin from killing is to win the game or that the doctor commits suicide.

It was a great read. The book is fast paced with lots of mysteries and nice plot twists that kept me reading non stop, towards the half it slows down a little bit but luckily Katzenbach quickly picks up the frantic rhythm of the first chapters reaching a very good ending.
Even though I sort of figured out who Rumpelstiltskin was before finishing, it didn't stopped me from enjoying this book because what really interested me was to know if the doctor could survive this wicked game.
Another thing I really liked is how the author describes the psyche of the different characters and the deeper implications of the game planned by Rumpelstiltskin, also the villain was great because of his determination to destroy doctor Starks's life.

With this kind of books I always have the concern that the ending can be stupid or far fetched, fortunately this wasn't the case. Without being a mind-blowing ending (at least for me) I found it to be satisfactory and it wrapped up the book perfectly.

So, if you're looking for a fast and exciting psychological thriller this book can be good for you. I breezed through the second half desperate to know how the story would end and it didn't disappoint me. I'll definitely read more books by this author in the future.

The Hero of Ages

The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson Reseña en español de [b:El héroe de las eras|7935023|El héroe de las eras (Nacidos de la bruma, #3)|Brandon Sanderson|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1399296346s/7935023.jpg|2793516]: Click aquí


I won't write a review for this one, it's really hard for me to express how much I loved this book and anything I'd write won't do justice to this amazing story.

I'll insist in recommending this trilogy to everyone, especially for people who want to start reading epic fantasy. This trilogy can be a great introduction to the genre because it start really simple, with clear rules about the magic system and it doesn't overwhelm the reader with information about the world and it's lore; the best of this trilogy in my opinion is that each book progressively develops and explains different aspects from the world created by Sanderson in a fantastic way, very easy to understand.

As for this book I'll only say that I it was the perfect ending for this trilogy and everything that was left to be solved was explained very clearly. The epilogue has to be one of the most amazing and beautifully written things that I've ever read, I can't wait to get my hands on the next Mistborn trilogy that take place hundreds of years after this one.

Definitely one of my all time favourite books and I totally recommend it to anyone. I loved every single page of this trilogy.

The Strain

The Strain - Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan Reseña en español de [b:Nocturna|6502856|Nocturna (La Trilogía de la Oscuridad, #1)|Guillermo del Toro|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1392565991s/6502856.jpg|6241525] en mi blog: Click aquí

Very slow during the first half, It wasn't bad but I don't know if I'll continue the trilogy (full review soon)

The Well of Ascension

The Well of Ascension - Brandon Sanderson Reseña en español (sin spoilers del libro anterior) de [b:El pozo de la ascensión|6568801|El pozo de la ascensión (Nacidos de la bruma, #2)|Brandon Sanderson|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348750658s/6568801.jpg|2120474] en el blog: Click Aquí

Review without spoilers for the first book:

I don't have words to describe how much I enjoyed reading this book, even though it's pretty long I didn't want it to end. I enjoyed this one more than the first book in the series because it seemed more "mature" and some of the cheesy dialogues that sort of annoyed me in the previous book were gone on this one.

The story becomes darker and more complex, there are far more points of views than in The Final Empire so we get to know some secondary characters better. Thanks to this I changed my mind about Elend who wasn't one of my favourite characters and turned up to be great and more complex than the nobleman introduced in the first instalment.

As always the action sequences were awesome and when the story seemed to drag a bit Sanderson introduced some amazing plot twist that kept me reading non stop. Also the mysterious texts before each chapters kept me hooked, trying to figure out what they truly meant and the ending turned out to be excellent.

There isn't much I can say about this book without spoilers other than recommend it to everyone. As I said in my review of the Final Empire, I think that the Mistborn trilogy is a great introduction for people who want to begin reading Epic Fantasy because it's an amazing series with an easy (but extremely awesome) magic system and lore.
If you have this trilogy on your to read list READ IT IMMEDIAELY, you wont be disappointed.


Armada - Ernest Cline, Wil Wheaton Reseña en español y llena de odio en el blog: Click Aquí
I expected an entertaining book with cool intergalactic battles and I got this instead:


The only difference is that Deadpool is fun.
This book was terrible and one of the worst I've read this year. I wasn't expecting a deep or complex story, just wanted an entertaining book and since I really enjoyed Ready Player One I decided to give this one a try.

This second book by Cline has many limitations, maybe the most notorious are the awkward, silly and out of place references to the pop culture. While in his previous book those references were important because they were significant to the plot in Armada they are everywhere for no reason. I love Star Wars but Zack (the main character) mentions it constantly in a way that was funny at first but begins to get annoying as the story develops and many of the references made me sick for example: when he says that he feels like Luke Skywalker battling the Death Star or when he says that he feels like captain Kirk on board of the enterprise and worst of all, when his spider sense tingles (come on man e_e).
Those are some examples, now imagine a whole book told that way with those silly references in every single chapter; that's Armada.

The characters were completely annoying too and I didn't feel sympathy for any of them. Aside from Zack, none is properly developed and many of them are stereotypes: you have the good girl, the intelligent girl, the war veteran that's like Chuck Norris and the mandatory asian guy.
Also Zack is very similar to Wade (the main character of Ready Player One), Cline seems to write his main characters as projections of his nerd fantasies instead of trying to create something original.

As I said before, the premise of the book didn't seem complex or deep so I wasn't expecting a profound book, but the book is full of clichés and some really stupid plot twist that didn't make sense.
Let's be honest, Ready Player One had flaws and silly moments too but I forgave them because the book was original and had nostalgic value.

The audiobook version was great, Will Wheaton does an outstanding job again narrating the story and some of the voices he makes along the book were great (especially his master Yoda imitation). I would have rated it with one star if it wasn't for Wheaton's narration.

So my advice is: don't read this book expecting it to have the same nostalgic value as Ready Player One or you will be terribly disappointed. The references were annoying instead of fun and many twists were really stupid to me.

Straight to my Kill it with fire shelf


Deadpool, Vol. 1: Dead Presidents

Deadpool, Vol. 1: Dead Presidents - Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, Tony Moore


Imagine that all USA presidents come back to life as undead zombies that want to kill everyone. Now imagine Captain America or another of your beloved heroes kicking their asses, it isn't very patriotic is it? So the only scumbag that can deal with this problem is Deadpool, the anti-hero that everybody hates.
This volume contains 6 issues that are extremely funny, the humour is present in every page and some jokes made me laugh out loud (there are a lot of moments that Abraham Lincoln and Washington insult Deadpool that are awesome). This was my first Deadpool comic and already made me a fan, totally recommended.

Ya conocía a Deadpool porque había visto algunas imágenes extraídas de sus comics pero nunca me los puse a leer hasta ahora. Este volumen contiene 6 comics en los cuales Deadpool enfrenta una terrible amenaza: los zombies de los presidentes de los Estados Unidos. No sería muy patriótico que el Capitán América se encargue de devolver a los presidentes a la tumba, por eso S.H.I.E.L.D contrata al mercenario que todo el mundo odia para hacerse cargo del problema.
El resultado es genial, todas las páginas tienen chistes donde Deadpool le toma el pelo a todo el mundo (incluso al lector), se burla de los presidentes y cita frases de películas famosas.
También hay algunos cameos de otros miembros de los Vengadores y vemos como maltratan al pobre Deadpool.

Leí en internet que estos comics son los mejores para empezar a leer a Deadpool, por eso los recomiendo bastante, a mi me encantaron y muchos momentos me hicieron reír a carcajadas.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline Reseña en español en el blog: Click Aquí

A book about videogames is something that can't go wrong with me, even though I don't play as much as I did when I was younger, I still enjoy playing some games on my free time. So I knew this book would be great for me but I couldn't have known that I would end up loving this story.

I don't think that you have to be a gaming freak or know all the pop culture references to enjoy this novel but certainly it's a bonus if you know some of them, it made me smile every time a game I played as a child was mentioned (like Contra, Golden Axe or Pac-Man) and I wasn't even born in the '80s.

The plot is very simple and despite it has some inconsistencies, I didn't care much because it really entertained me and that's what I was looking for. Also some of the dialogues and jokes can be hard to understand if you don't know the gamer slang, but it doesn't affects the plot or the enjoyment of the novel they are a complement as the references.

Another thing that I have to highlight is the narration by Will Wheaton on the audiobook version. I had my doubts about Wheaton as a voice actor but he did an amazing job portraying each character feelings and personalities. Also he showed a great voice range with all the different voices he made through the book, I'll probably pick the [b:Armada|16278318|Armada|Ernest Cline|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1377284428s/16278318.jpg|22378124] audiobook too.

If you are looking for a fun read this book is ideal. Even though I wasn't born in the '80s, some references put a smile on my face and made me enjoy the story even more. If it wasn't for the nostalgic value I would have rated this book lower but it was such a lovely book that I cannot rate it lower. Also I think that it leaves a great message at the end that wrap up the story perfectly. I totally recommend this book, especially if you were a teen in the '80s.

The Martian

The Martian - Andy Weir Reseña en español de [b:El marciano|23513830|El marciano|Andy Weir|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1415395784s/23513830.jpg|21825181] en el blog: Click Aquí

3.5 stars: This was a good book and I really enjoyed it for the most part. The research made by the author is great, the whole book is full of scientific data, maths, engineering and chemistry that gives the feeling of reading the log of a real astronaut. Even though there's a lot of this data the main character explains everything in a funny way so anyone can understand.
But on the other hand the large amount of scientific data overwhelmed me, when I reached the half of the book I had a hard time continuing the story.

I understand why people loved this book, the main character is awesome and very funny through all the book, the way he resolves some of the problems and how he manages to survive in Mars is great.
As I said earlier when I reached the half the book became a little dull, luckily the last chapters and the ending were really good.

Despite those chapters when the scientific stuff made the story really slow for me, I totally recommend this book. I think it's a really good novel but I didn't love it as everyone else did

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Iba a leerlo para poder criticarlo con propiedad (?) cuando me enteré que esta cosa surgió de un fanfiction de CREPÚSCULO...


Quizás lo lea algún día...cuando me canse de vivir.

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